Fake resume featuring -inspired references

US Clients don't do background check of consultants joining with them properly. That's where the loophole is. IT Consultancies make use of this opportunity to send consultants to projects with fake resume.

IT industry is quickly becoming filled with fake resumes. It recently appeared in the

I know what you are going through, I am in the same boat. I am desperate for a job, but I didn't know they would resort to creating a fake resume, and then coaching people on what to say.

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As it stands, more than 90% of their consultants are working on fake resumes and work experience.

You scour through resume after resume when you finally land a gem within the pile of candidates. It hits every point of your job description even the 10 skills you listed. It almost sounds too good to be true...is it? Last week ABC News' 20/20 set up a segment to expose just that. The business behind fake resumes.

ABC interviewed the founder of fake resume resource site , William Schmidt. He'll create fake positions but also take it a step further by create fake degrees, companies (including phone numbers, addresses even websites). Schmidt says he has rarely been caught because few companies thoroughly check resumes and job references.

If I have people that will give me references and say I worked at places (even though I didn't), do you think I can get away with applying with fake resumes? Assume the job is something I'd be able to BS in the interview (I'm really good with interviews).Had been a user of resume writing services before, Resume Prime. I don't really have any idea then on how my resume will be processed (or the type of info i should supply the site). Tried inquiring through the site's chat feature and luckily someone was able to explain to me how the process goes on. For my experience, they really did not tried to persuade me to fake my resume. Instead, they asked for real info regarding my job experience, educational background and some accomplishment. The consultation went really great and little by little I was having an idea on how my resume will be formed. When I got my resume from the site, I was surprised on how they were able to present my strengths in a way that is appealing to employers. It was not until a week or two before I got my first job interview request. Felt happy and satisfied.