Question on Experienced Hire Resume Criteria:

Darrell Dizoglio is a skilled and experienced resume writer who provides high-quality services. He also provides excellent career coaching services.

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Norm is an established resume writer who has experience writing resume’s for client in a multitude of sectors and across all levels of the organizational chart.


We also modify the changes needed in the experienced resume.

Include lots of contact information. The experienced resume reader expects a pretty high BS factor. Prove your points by including references (don't make the reader ask for them), and phone numbers and contact names for every job. The ideal reference is a former supervisor. Always include the reference's relationship to you, thus cheating the reader's natural assumption that these are your best buddies. Find powerful, compelling references. Don't have any? It's your responsibility during your career to develop these relationships. Find and nurture people who can, over the years, aid you in job searches.

Jennifer is a program manager with extensive experience preparing resumes for customers across a variety of industries. With over seven years of experience overseeing hiring and training for departments of up to 16 employees, Jennifer is skilled at tailoring resumes for specific positions. Her background in developing marketing materials and writing grant proposals enables Jennifer to crafting active language that builds a positive brand identity for every job seeker.