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Entry level resume objective statements need to be clear and concise. If you can’t figure out what job you want, then how can you expect a stranger to match you up with the appropriate position? Some candidates mistakenly believe that recruiters have all of the time in the world to infer from a one page document what position would be best suited to an applicant and vice versa. Wrong. Recruiters typically spend about 10 seconds scanning a resume. If they can’t immediately tell what position you are applying to and whether you appear to be headed, then your resume will be headed for the round file (the trash).

Want some examples of well written entry level resume objective statements?

Let’s start by talking about entry level resume objective statements that are poorly written and move onto well written entry level resume objective statements. Far too many entry level job seekers write that they are “seeking a position with a growing organization that will allow me to use my talents and skills.” Well, who isn’t seeking that type of a position? Who wants to work with a failing organization that refuses to use your talents and skills?

Entry Level Student Resume Objective:

Entry Level Resume Objective Examples

You can overcome this hurdle by articulating the strengths and transferable skills and competencies you bring to the sales job opportunity. Start by writing a powerful entry level resume objective statement.