Professional Experience for an Entry Level Paralegal Resume

Learn how I got my paralegal job from my entry level paralegal resume. I'll show you my corporate legal secretary resume objective & give an example legal assistant resume.

Education Requirements for an Entry Level Paralegal Resume

Most law offices favor experience over education, so it is possible to get a great job with an entry level paralegal resume if the candidate has any previous work history in the field. In order to get ideas on how to format your resume, there are entry level paralegal resume samples online to use as guides.

Rules For An Entry Level Paralegal Resume.

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The final section of an entry level paralegal resume would be where all degrees and certificates would be documented. Begin with the highest level of degree and work backwards to high school. In general, most paralegal resumes would list the certificate program or degree from a community college or four year college where coursework was taken. At the moment there are no educational requirements for becoming a paralegal in most states. It’s a matter of being able to pass the half day exam in order to be certified. Educational requirements will vary from attorney to attorney, so it is imperative to research their requirements.