Professional Experience for an Entry Level Nursing Resume

For guidance on how to format an effective resume, there are entry level nursing resume samples online that can be referred to. Use them as an idea of how to format your resume, but make the information your own.

Education Requirements for an Entry Level Nursing Resume

Just as there are a multitude of nursing specializations, there would also be a great number of educational requirements that can be listed on an entry level nurse resume. For example, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) only needs two years of post secondary education in most cases, while a registered nurse usually holds a Bachelor’s in Science, School of Nursing. Then there are specializations and certifications to be listed. Each state has specific educational requirements which can be found on the state’s Department of Rules and Regulations or the State Board of Licensure. A nurse certified in intubation would have taken appropriate coursework that should be cited, and any continuing courses for re-licensure should be listed as well, beginning with the most recent degree or certificate.

Entry Level Nurse Resume – Objective Statement

Entry Level Nurse Resume – Qualifications and Skills

Nursing is a rewarding career; but notwithstanding, there is always a shortage of nurses! Even so, there may be dozens of applicants for a single position, so it is all the more important to format a great resume. For pointers on tailoring one to meet your needs, there are entry level nurse resume samples online which can be referred to.