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When the employer enters this criterion in the job search engine, the search engine filters the lot of resumes, such as resume for fresher, experience as well as and presents the resumes that meet the criteria. Thus, if your resume does not have these keywords, it will not be short-listed. Even in manual screening of resumes, the employer would look for specific sections in the resume, and check if candidate meets the set criterion. If not, then your resume will not move ahead. Thus, using these terminologies or keywords is essential for an engineering resume.

Reading sample engineering resumes:

The example engineering resumes given in the links below would prove helpful to job applicants from different fields of engineering to put forth their best by writing the utmost perfect resume for themselves.

Some other types of engineering resumes are below:


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Since no one knows your background and experience better than you, it is entirely up to you to make the resume speak for you enough to get you an interview. Most engineers are good at getting the basics of their projects and experience down on paper. However, when it comes to showcasing their talents on paper most engineers miss out on core factors which make a resume an effective self marketing tool. Here we provide you with 10 tips to help you make your engineering resume sell and .
After the completion of engineering degree, everyone wants to find a dream engineering job through an application process. You have to build an engineering resume with all your qualifications and credentials. A compelling resume is always required to get the better chances of interview for the engineering jobs. During your study time, try to make you more erudite and marketable for the potential employers. It will also help you in writing an engineer resume according to the specific requirements of the job. Keep it in mind that only a good resume will open different doors of opportunities for your dream job. It can be really challenging to write an engineer resume because you have to properly highlight your overall work experience and education history in compelling way.