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Bethany Mitchell has an experience in education industry for over 15 years now. Here is her elementary teacher resume that talk about the career growth and experience as a teacher. This template resume is complete and well structured. The resume begins by introducing the name and contact details of the candidate. The first section defines the career profile that presents the key skills, and competencies of Bethany. It showcases the positives of her profile. The candidate has mentioned about the degree and certifications attained, under the education section. Professional teaching experiences give the names of the organizations that Bethany has worked for and the duration of her work. It does not talk about the responsibilities particular to that organization. Making a separate section for achievements is good way of highlighting the positives of her career. The seminars, workshops and affiliations denote her extracurricular activities. The resume ends on a positive note with statements made by students and parents about the teaching of Bethany Mitchell.

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