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As you are aware that the first impression is the best impression, you have to prepare an EKG technician resume, which has to impress the hiring manager at the first sight, in order to secure an EKG technician resume. The importance of EKG technician resume is that you have to map your contributions with what the organisation is looking for. You have to customize your resume according to the job requirements and expectations of the employers.

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An EKG technician is responsible to perform tests on EKG machine in respect of the patients with heart problems. This technician has to check the patient with chest pain by connecting the electrocardiogram equipment to the chest of the patient as well as attaching electrodes to arms, legs and chest. He or she is also required to attach electrocardiograph electrodes and halter monitor in order to record information.

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The EKG Technician is responsible for performing tests on EKG equipment for patients with heart problems. These technicians have to examine the patient with chest pains and to attach the EKG machine to the chest of the patient. During the procedure, the machine prints the result of the examination that the technician handles for the cardiologist. EKG technicians usually work in hospitals or clinics, together with other specialists. If the technician improves his knowledge in this field, he may execute other related tests and examinations too, such as the Holter monitoring.