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Freelance editors work on various assignments as per their convenience from home. These editors don’t have to visit the company offices, sit in the cabin and work on the project. They have the option to work according to their convenience. They make money editing the material and generating quality content. If you wish to work as a freelance editor, you need to possess excellent written and editing skills with proficiency in English language. Your freelance editor resume must include all these job specific skills and traits.

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Editor resumes should be properly revised and edited. As you revise and edit your resume, you will find it useful to focus on selling clauses and action verbs that sell you best. Make sure the employer is able to follow your resume.

Managing Editor Resume Example preview.

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As an editor, I highly appreciated your tips and advice on creating an effective editor resume. I thought I knew all about editing and writing, but I was pleasantly surprised to realize there would always be something more one could find out about one’s job.
- David Bryant, Newark, New Jersey

When submitting an editor resume, it is always important to keep in mind that there are various levels of editing from content editing to graphics editing, and anything in between. Also, editing is not always in terms of printed media as there are film editors, sound editors and a whole host of multimedia formats that need to be edited prior to being released. Beginning with the cover letter and the objective statement, an editor resume should make it perfectly clear which type of editorial position is being referenced.Beginning with current employment or the most recent job held, and editor resume would list jobs in reverse chronological order. An editor for the sports section of the Seattle Post Intelligencer would list the position, dates of employment, and the city and state. Directly under that the responsibilities would perhaps detail keeping up with pro and amateur teams during seasonal sports, predicting draftees for baseball, touring the country to view football hopefuls, editing submissions by sports reporters, and duties of that nature pertaining directly to keeping up on trends in sports reporting.The qualifications and skills section of an editor resume would highlight what the candidate can bring to a job, above and beyond educational requirements and job experience. For instance, a text editor would perhaps cite the ability to quickly spot typographical errors when proofing, and having a handle on marketing trends in literature. A job applicant for a position as a sound bite editor would list talents and capabilities directly related to recording, such as the kinds of professional multi track mixing software he or she is capable of using. Establish an objective for your editor resume. Every good resume should have a . You want to market your skills to your potential employer. But what are the skills you want to market? Make sure that before writing this resume, you have carefully studied and selected the skills serving to comply with the employer’s objectives.