Example of DVD Digital Resume, by Manco Digital Productions

Thanks to the Family Services Grant that Have Dreams received through Autism Speaks, we were able to develop an e-portfolio and conduct interviews with business partners to evaluate its worth. We demonstrated the digital resume with potential employers and the feedback was remarkably positive. All 20 indicated that they would consider employing someone who used this type of resume at interview:

Key elements to include in a digital advertisement resume:

Dear Connie: I need to update my resume and while looking at templates I’ve run across one for a “Digital Resume”. I’m curious…what is a digital resume? How is it different from a regular resume?

Elements not to include in a digital advertising resume:

Sample Digital Advertising Resume:

Beginning with SY2015-16, students will be able to optionally request the CTECS WRS Digital Badge at the end of their online CTECS WRS Assessment. A special window will appear only for those students who have passed the exam, upon submission of their exams. If the student elects to receive the digital badge, he/she will be prompted to enter his/her email address. The system will generate an immediate message to the student’s inbox with instructions to acquire the digital badge. Students will be asked to register with the same email on the Credly system (our DB platform). This sets up a free domain on which they can store and easily share their badge on social networks or include on their own sites or digital resumes. Students may also push the badge to Mozilla’s Open Badge system.

Free Digital CV Resume PSD Template John Smith Doel: Best Resume CV (Curriculum Vitae) Creative PSD Template for Web Developers, Professionals and Designers.A traditional resume is just that: traditional. But these days it’s not uncommon for job seekers to eschew traditional resumes and/or augment what they’re doing with more creative, visually compelling digital resumes.Need to review salaries or check out a potential employer before submitting? See our resources!

From scannable resumés to keyword resumes, the art of resume writing has changed. Create effective resumes and get digital resume advice, tips, and help from the sites below. If it's time to update that mouldering document with your latest skills and experience, read on. The rules have changed. Technology has made the art of resumé-writing a whole new ball game, and social networking sites like LinkedIn help you get the word out. Take charge of your personal brand, post your resume, or network with colleagues. The other sites listed below will help you get started, with everything from help with keywords to sample resumes, templates, resume builders, and resume distribution services. Once your resume is ready to go, check out our tools for and Students may wish to review our , where you'll find internships, co-op programs, part-time and seasonal work, and more. What do you think? If you’re a job seeker, have you tried augmenting your traditional resume with something more visual and/or using social media channels? If so, what kind of results did you see? If you’re a recruiter, what do you think about digital resumes? We’d love to hear your thoughts.