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I like talking about nothing more than dates. I don’t mean the kind we had as teenagers or the kind you eat; I mean the dates on a resume. Why? Because this is where people seem to go hopelessly awry. The sad thing is that this is the easiest part of the resume to get right. All you have to do is learn where to put them—and, tell the truth.

By the way, if you want to know how to right-align the dates on resumes, you might take a look

Because applicants write dates in a variety of ways, a good developer will study reams of resumes to identify how people write dates. They will then code their parser to recognize all of them. You can read a discussion of that . As you will see, in all likelihood, the ATS doesn’t care how you write dates on your resume. It has your back.

We’re going to talk about the dates on your resume

Additional Dates on Resume

Not all dates on your resume are created equal. Career coach advocates always including dates on your resume in relation to your job experience. While she adds that she’s also “not a fan” of leaving graduation dates off of your resume, she suggests that there may “possibly” be situations when this omission may make sense for some older job seekers.

It’s a simple process to right align dates on your resume and it only takes a few minutes, but it seems to baffle a lot of people. This short video will show you how to set the alignment for dates and anything else. I recorded this in Microsoft Word for a MAC. I’m pretty sure it’s similar on a PC, but if you’re working with Pages for a MAC the process is different. I’ll do another video to show how to do this on Pages.Little noticed on the paper document, the dates on your resume — specifically the ones attached to your job descriptions — are vital to the electronic data gathering systems, called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), that most large employers and online job boards use to store and sort your resume. If you don’t include dates of employment or render them exactly as the computer expects to find them, it may skip over your altogether, and the recruiters using the software may never see your resume.