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Education and Training: There is no universal educational requirement for becoming a dancer. Most start dancing as a childhood hobby and then get serious about pursuing it as a career when they get older. Professional dancing requires a strong passion for the art and many years of dedicated practice. Some begin purpose-driven training at the tender age of five and reach a professional level of skill by 18.

Dance Resume Template (INTRIGUE)

I’m a belly dancer – have been for 40 plus years. I’ve done the gamut – danced in every nightclub and restaurant I could get my hands on, took my costume to every place I traveled in hopes of dancing there, traveled around the world and added countries to my dance resume (including Antarctica), worked for entertainment agencies, and promoted myself on my own to my friends, family and co-workers.

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Next, consider the fact that employers are interested only in finding what you can do for them. If you read resume writing tips, you will find that a little research about the company you are applying to would help in creating a specific dancer resume.

A dance resume provides information about your dance skills, experience and accomplishments. Dance studio owners, casting directors, choreographers and dance school committees often require resumes to gauge a dancer's suitability for dance programs and dance jobs. The format and structure of a dance resume is usually different from that of a standard professional resume. Get started with Step 1 below to find some tips for writing a dance resume.First, consider the dancer resume as your audition package. A well-written and neatly formatted resume will help in highlighting your skills for the position. It should focus on what you are best at. Since lots of people have accepted dance as their career, the competition in this artistic field is monstrous. If you want to prevail over others, make the dancer resume persuasive to top the selection list.