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Non-academic employers typically request applicants provide a 1 - 2 page resume rather than a CV. In order to prepare students this workshop will engage students in several reflection and concrete activities to assist them in converting their CV to a resume. Participants will be informed about the essential accomplishments he/she should include in thier resume. Also, graduate students will be guided on how to identify qualification, which he/she should highlight within their resume. In this workshop, graduate studnets will learn to convert thier CV into a focused, adapted resume that creates a compelling representation of their significant skills and experiences. Graduate students will discover the differences between a resume and a CV, while gaining knowledge about how to develop a professional presence employing thier resume.

Wondering how to move from a CV to a resume for industry? Read this insightful article first:

Whereas applications for academic jobs require a curriculum vitae (CV), most employers outside academia prefer a resume. For your non-academic job search you will therefore need to convert your CV into a resume. How? This page will help you do that. The good news is if you have a CV already, you are done with the hard part of chronicling your experience. Below is how to convert your existing CV into a resume.

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Part II of CV to Resume

So how do you go about turning your CV into a Resume? More than before, you should have the list of tasks associated with a job. Read this article Achievements in your CV on how to focus on or better write about your achievements.