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A shorter alternative is simply vita, the Latin for "life". In popular usage curriculum vitæ is often written "curriculum vitae". The plural of curriculum vitæ is formed following Latin rules of grammar as curricula vitæ (meaning "courses of life") - not curriculum vita (meaning ~ "curriculum life").

The form vitæ is the genitive of vita, and so is translated "of life". In current usage curriculum is less marked as a foreign loanword, and so the plural of curriculum on its own is sometimes written as "curriculums", rather than the traditional curricula; nevertheless, the phrase "curriculums vita" is avoided, because vita remains strongly marked as a foreign loanword. Every good CRM resume need a good too.

Feature here is a CRM consultant resume example is given here

This SAP CRM consultant resume will help you to make your own resume for the designation. This sample maintains the simplicity yet provides information necessary for a good entry. It will definitely get you some good opportunities.

CRM Consultant Resume Sample One | Consultant Resume

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SAP CRM consultant resume shows, you must have the ability to guide a team and arrive at a business solution. SAP CRM consultants must have good knowledge of CRM service modules - in base customizing and configuration. SAP CRM consultants have to provide guidance and specifications to the other related co-workers.