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Art Director shows her skills in this creative resume design with a perfect layout, overall design and giving all necessary information. We are sure you will love the use of Mafia words and avatar she used in the resume design.

Really interesting collection… beautiful and creative resume designs… love all!

Who says that resume are boring and dull, check out this creative resume designed by Syril from Philippines using various colors and effective typography that makes it visually appealing.

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4-fold brochure resume designed by Valerie from Canada is a perfect example of creative resume design.

Rebecca Fisk runs a small design agency in UK and she created her resume design in the form of booklet that looks very unique, elegant and coming out well in the paper used for printing.

Nothing can beat in comparison to most creative resume designs in front the one that is designed by Ana Gaspar, a designer from Portugal. A resume in a leaflet style showcases personal information, skill sets and much more having beautiful photographs in the background.If you liked above resume design, we are sure this will make a impression also. A beautiful, elegant and minimal style creative resume design with subtle color palette.Creative Art Director from Canada created a poster-style resume design that showcases his work experience, work skills, personal information using impressive typography. We are sure that you would love to see the unique creative resume design.That said; we have a list of some of the more impressive and creative resume designs here for this topic and hope that our selections here can help you get started. Oh, and good luck for the upcoming interview!However, one should bare in mind that despite creative resume designs, one should also make sure that your details and your contents listed on should be easy to understand and not confuse your employer. It is also important to take note of the industry that you are applying to, seeing that sectors that are more formal might not take your creative resume design well if they are only expecting a straightforward resume instead of a graphical and complicated one.One of the most creative resume design using hand-drawn illustrations and portfolio and work skills shown in story rather than traditional resume.