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The Internet is filled with examples of out the box, unique and creative resume designs that have helped many job seekers to land a job in top companies of their choice. While preparing a resume in the unconventional format, there are several questions that pop up in our minds. What format should I follow? How much information is too much or too little? Should I use black and white or colored fonts?

9 Creative Resume Design Tips (With Template Examples)from Envato Tuts+ Design & Illustration

Who says that resume are boring and dull, check out this creative resume designed by Syril from Philippines using various colors and effective typography that makes it visually appealing.

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Have any other creative resume design that you have come across or designed yourself? Do not forget to share it with us.

You may be tempted to copy a creative resume design that you saw on the web. Don’t. Chances are, if you saw it online, your employers might also have seen it. Sometimes, it might be the very employer whom you sending the resume to that created that design. Always bring your own creativity and personality into your resumes.

Take a look at the creative resume designs of the year 2014. There are 50 creative resume designs of them that’s a good number with each being unique and creatively cool. Enjoy the joyride of inspirational creative resume designs that are worth applauding.Rebecca Fisk runs a small design agency in UK and she created her resume design in the form of booklet that looks very unique, elegant and coming out well in the paper used for printing.One of the most creative resume design using hand-drawn illustrations and portfolio and work skills shown in story rather than traditional resume.Art Director shows her skills in this creative resume design with a perfect layout, overall design and giving all necessary information. We are sure you will love the use of Mafia words and avatar she used in the resume design.David from Australia is a Italian Art Director and loved graphic design that you can see from his creative resume design. He used a brilliant and bold typography that beautifully gives information about his work details.The first thing you should do before making your Resume is look through other resume template designs or peek through these 40 creative resumes design as a source of inspiration. Make sure do give give enough time to make creative Resume because its really important for your job hunt. So here, I have gathered some really nice and for your inspiration. I hope it may help you in making your own Resume.