Geeks On Finance: How to Create the Perfect Resume

Designing and implementing a new operating systems environment is fun and exciting. How about documenting your work afterwards? Well, maybe not so much. Systems programmers are much better at doing their job than recounting their work later. Perhaps that is why finding a well-written systems resume is rarer than a 25 year old with MVS internals.

But why should detailing your own experiences be so difficult? A quick search on Amazon yields hundreds of books on creating the perfect resume. Every aspect of creating your resume is covered, including the use of power adjectives, selecting the perfect font, and choosing the ideal paper stock – in other words, a lot of useless fluff. So save your 15 bucks (plus shipping and handling) and attend this session. For the last 25 years the speaker has reviewed and written tens of thousands of systems programmer resumes. So who is better qualified to help you document you? Let's get down to work!

How to Create the Perfect Resume

Our friends over at ZipRecruiter think they have found the hidden formula for a creating the perfect resume. They have a database of about three million resumes, and employers who look through it for candidates have the option of rating resumes on a scale of one to five stars.

How to create the perfect resume - Debt Management

Creating the Perfect Resume

for creating the perfect resume are awesome! Besides making a beautiful, easy to read and understand resume, these tips will reduce the size of your resume by 50% or more without leaving any content out. These guidelines reduced mine from 6 pages to just over 2 pages without leaving any experience out! And it made my resume much more usable - recruiters look at resumes for an average of about 6 seconds. And Click on the image below to enlarge.