How to put basic computer skill on resume?

I love how my writer put my computer skills on my resume! I never felt good working with computers and could not find the words to explain it to a potenital employer. I want to thank Grand Resume for finding the right words for me!
Shamal Keb

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As you asked; "A job recruiter wants me to list my computer skills on my resume, but I'm not sure how to word the sentence. I have worked with various Windows programs, Word (mostly 2007), Outlook, and Excel (very little), but I am not proficient by any means. What is the best way to state this on a resume?" I hope it might help you.

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A reader writes: Is it really necessary to list computer skills on a resume

I never thought listing computer skills on resume was necessary. But my writer conviced me. And I glad she did! I am getting much more phone calls on my resume than I used to.
Josh Kaleb, Israel