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Students should include a one page resume that will show case any and all extracurricular activities, awards, job experience, community service, etc. There are many that show specific details on College Application Resumes. Still not sure what your student should be including in his or her resume? View our sample .

I don't think any of my college applications required resumes. Should I have sent one anyway?

College enrollment is expected to grow more than by 2022, creating more competition and a greater demand for support of prospective students. This continuous growth has shifted the traditional role of school counselors in high schools. Before, school counselors helped students with the preparation and scheduling of SAT and ACT exams. Now school counselors are required to assist students with the college admissions process from start to finish, including preparation of college application resumes and financial aid. They are heavily involved in the process and become college advocates for students.

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What should you include on your college application resume? Learn from Laura and see an example.

More socially-inclined kids "produced" experiences by, say, planning athemed birthday party for their friends or starting a school club (thekind that isn't for padding college application resumes).