Entry level catering assistant resume

The middle section of a catering resume should be chronological. An educational section must be included where academic qualifications and details of the subjects studied are listed. In this section it is favorable to also include grades received and possible secondary training certificates that may have been received. Always include the top-level achievements. Following that, comes employment history. This area should list previous employers and jobs descriptions. Optionally, summer and part-time jobs with titles and duties that are relevant can also be included. Both the educational and employment section should be listed in reverse order starting with the most recent situation.

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Offering a cover letter with a catering resume will give an opportunity to explain in detail what is being offered to the prospective employer and why you are the best person for the position. Generally, 2 to 3 paragraphs are more than enough. Furthermore, never address the cover letter in a generic format such as sir or madam. Cover letters should be specific to the individual that will receive it. If necessary phone the company ahead of time to learn the proper name.