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Regarding my CalJobs resume, ... My understanding is that I initially saw that you have to update your resume and/or log ... Extended Unemployment Benefits:

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A great first step in your recruitment plan is to contact the Employment Development Department, a State agency that can list jobs for you, pre-screen applicants, provide focused recruitment for new businesses that require a large number of specialized employees, and offer a host of other services. An easy way to use EDD is to access the website, a network that links employers with job seekers throughout California. Here you can post job openings and search resumes that job seekers have posted. You can also request EDD's assistance in identifying and referring qualified candidates. In this instance, an EDD employee would search the CalJOBS resume bank on your behalf and contact qualified applicants to discuss the job and provide referral instructions.

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After the phone call, I was pissed at myself - But, at the same time, I was SURE that I completed the resume somewhere towards the end of June. Long story short, I did, and I have proof. There is a create date for the CalJobs resume, which says "6/24/2013," which is when I did it, and the time in the afternoon (and yes, I remember exactly that I did this at that time, i.e. 4:30 PM).