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I was lucky to meet Bruce Miller from Alexander Porter who helped to guide and update me on the content and structural layout of my resume. His professional expertise in his area combined with great knowledge helped me on reworking and building a Professional Resume to support future applications in the tough job market. His guidance and support helped me in securing interviews calls.

Building a Professional Resume for Great Careers Applying for a job or an internship

ELOFT 125 Professional Development
Instructs on professional business office behaviors,dress, workplace ethics, and effective communicationskills to use when working with diverse officepopulations. Guides participants through buildinga professional resume package using “DependableStrengths” techniques, then through finding andapplying for jobs; coaching students through interactiveinterviewing exercises to hone interviewingknowledge and skills. Fee: $385.00 SS

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If you want to build a professional resume, you have to expect to spend some time doing so

Don’t put a lot of different jobs on your resume- you need to show you’re specialized in a particular field. This is complete BS! Of course you don’t want to show that you switch jobs every three months (and hopefully you don’t because that’s a lot of BS on your part too!) but showing that you have a wide range of skills helps, not hurts you when it comes to building a professional resume. Who wants to hire someone who only knows how to do one thing?

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