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For people in a creative industry, like advertising, your resume is a chance to showcase your creativity, within reason. The basic principles of clarity and readability are still key, but you have more freedom than with a basic resume. Abode InDesign or Illustrator are definitely the way to go for a creative resume.

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Even among creative industries, different companies have different opinions about creative resumes. That’s why it is important to tailor your resume to the company. If it’s a fun, risk-taking company, they are likely to appreciate a bolder design. A more traditional, straight-edged company might toss your too-bright resume into the trash without reading it. When in doubt, go with a basic resume and highlight your design skills and creativity with a portfolio once you make it to the interview round.

BASIC RESUME SAMPLE - Southwest Baptist University

Basic Resumes:

As long as you tailor your basic resume to the job you’re applying for, it should be your go-to for most instances. As a general rule of thumb, use your basic resume when applying for any job in the business realm (finance, accounting, engineering, marketing).

Using basic resume templates when you will start compiled a resume, is the right step. Especially using a template format suitable for compiled your resume for newly graduated college and no work experience and for the first job. With a basic resume formats you can find out the data and fundamental and important information what to put in your resume. Personal data is very critical and the basic, necessary so that you can go through the selection of prospective employees at the company where you are applying for a job.For beginners or student with no experience writing resumes is so critical when they find jobs. Without any experiences in writing jobs application, a tutorial is needed to start their curriculum vitae resume. A form of free basic blank resume template is a good sample for them. And you can download from this free templates. For those who have recently graduated high school or college as well, writing a resume for the first time is a big problem. This is because they do not yet have the knowledge and experience of how to write a good resume. So they need guidance on how to write a basic resume correctly, for those with no work experience and for the first job.