Avoid the inclusion of following things in your bartender resume:

Bartenders usually work in restaurants or bars to serve different beverages and drinks to customers. If you have bartending experience, customer service skills and knowledge of industry then it can be ideal profession for you. In order to apply for any bartender job, you have to design an effective resume to feature important skills and qualifications. You have to consider necessary protocols of writing education, skills and experience while designing a bartender resume. Only an effective resume can help you to present your skills in front of potential employer. Resume is the only tool that will persuade potential employer to call you for interview. It will help you to get a distinctive place in the eyes of employer before having a face to face meeting.

Here are some other experiences you can insert into one of the bartender resume templates:

Bartending school is one of those things I've always wanted to do, but never got around to actually doing. A few weeks ago, I decided I was bored with my life and broke, and decided to take the jump and sign up for bartending school. I am planning on getting a part-time bartending or catering job. After doing a bit of research online and on Yelp, I decided to go with DrinkMaster. It cost me $295 for a 20-hour course, that met 6-10 Mon-Fri for one week.

I was pretty excited but not sure what to expect. The Boston location is right near the Park Street T, which was convenient. It has a full authentic bar that holds about 7 or 8 bartenders, plus bar stools on the other side for 'customers'. The alcohol and mixers consist of water and dyed water- so everything looks like it should, but unfortunately you can't drink your creations. The instructors all had TONS of experience, and were all knowledgeable and fun. I actually looked forward to class every day. The class was a mix of people- some younger people, some older people, students, people who worked full-time (me) and people who wanted bartending to be their next full-time job.

The amazing part was how little I actually knew about bartending before this class, even though I go out to bars all the time... and how it is about 500x harder than I expected. We learned speed pouring, liquor brands, liqueurs and their flavors, drink recipes, and a bit about beer and wine. On the last day we had a written test and a practical test. I passed- not everyone in the class did- and now I'm a certified bartender! Super badass.

As a graduate, you can take free refresher courses for life, and you can come in and practice any day from 3-6. DrinkMaster will also help you with your bartending resume, and has a database of open bartending jobs. They also offer other courses- I'm planning on taking their Mixology 101 and Catering 101 classes as well.

I would definitely recommend DrinkMaster to anyone interested in learning about bartending either for fun or because they want to become a bartender!

Here is sample of Bartender Resume created using MS Word,

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Never lie on your resume
Chances are, the prospective employer is going to find out one way or another – through the “grapevine” or by your performance. And the end is, inevitably dismissal.
Always use spell check
And always read through it – out loud – to make sure it sounds ok and that there aren’t any errors that the spell check missed.
Read it aloud to a couple of different people. You will gain a different perspective and valuable feedback the more people you read it to.
Make sure it looks professional
Again, this is your one and only chance to shine before actually getting the interview. Take the extra time and effort to format your bartending resume before it leaves your hands.
Stand out from the crowd
Bars and nightclubs get so many resumes that it becomes almost impossible to remember the faces that dropped them off. Make your resume just a bit different than everyone else and it’ll help you stick out from the crowd.