Resume Makeovers: Good and Bad Resume Examples

Bad resume is equally the result of not matching your resume to the demands of the employer. What you should always know is that once you are ware of what you can do and you match these to what the employer is in search of, your resume will always take you to the job interview. The more you are aware of what the employer is seeking for, the better you can be able to organize your resume to meet every specific requirement of your employer. Keep in mind that knowing the needs of the employer is also a good way to look into the difficulties of your employer and to better represent yourself as the right person to take care of these difficulties. To avoid writing a bad resume, you are equally required to know the right keywords and their related phrases to include in your resume. Let your resume be persuasive in form as well as content.

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If you ask that question of any HR person or hiring manager, they often have a difficult time giving a concise answer. A bad resume is just one of those things you recognize as bad, like a bad haircut or the wrong paint color. You can’t really say why it’s bad – it just is.

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Here are several BAD resume samples—don't do this

For the purposes of this book, a bad resume is simply a resume that does not achieve its fundamental purpose: to present the job seeker in a positive light compared to the competition. Funny resumes - this book's obsession - are bad resumes that fail this objective in unique and unusual ways. Instead of being littered with typos, a funny resume is usually tainted by one or two unfortunate gaffes that inspire the hiring manager to file it away in their "funny file."

A bad resumes often times lacks both measurable and individualized results. Recruiter Jason Weber says it “drives him crazy” when candidates highlight their company’s accomplishments rather than their personal contributions. Here are a few examples to help integrate concrete results into your resume and change a bad resume into something an employer will notice:We've all seen this phenomenon: after a certain point, bad things turn funny. Movies are the perfect example: some movies are just so "Gigli" that we can't stop laughing. Others even earn a cult following. But not so with the bad resume. A bad resume is more of a private phenomenon. Until now. One particular sign of a bad resume for me is a resume that is full of grammatical errors. If I am the employer and I saw one, it will definitely be a factor. My advice is to make sure to proofread your application first before sending it to the recruiter.To understand why some of these people fell, you have to know something about how hiring managers evaluate resumes and what they are (and aren't) looking for. As commission-based recruiters for ten years, your authors learned how managers feel about bad resumes the hard way: no hires, no food on table. This inside info helps to set the scene for the individual sections of this book, and might even provide a little help-on-the-fly for those readers who want to improve their resumes without poring over a bland "how to write a good resume" tutorial.