50 Awesome Resume Designs That Will Bag The Job

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The more awesome resume you have, the easier you will find your dream job.

This is how your new awesome online resume will look like. Online resumes are just for web presence and devices. We created these resume templates to be unique and different, to single out yours from the crowd of other resumes.

Awesome Resumes - The Huffington Post

Question: Have you seen or created an awesome resume objective? What was special about it?

We transform average resumes into awesome resumes using our detailed and unique process and experience. Awesome Resumes, LLC supports executives and mid-career professionals across North America and the local Denver and Silicon Valley areas.

The key to getting the job of your dreams is to create an awesome resume. An awesome resume helps you to separate yourself from the pack of hungry applicants who also want your desired position. It also helps you to land an interview which is critical to getting the job. However, all resumes are not created equal. Some are better than others. The good news is there are things you can do to make sure that your resume outperforms against the competition. Here are seven tips for creating an awesome resume. Anne Belfort is the creative force behind Awesome Resumes, LLC. She uses her 25-year career experience in Marketing, Strategy Development, Business Development and Sales Training to repackage and marketing people. By communicating the right information, in the right way, her clients report that their new AWESOME RESUMES are gaining attention and interest from employers. Interview – Our in-depth interview process and insightful questions reveal undiscovered assets and capabilities we then use to construct an awesome resume. Visually awesome resumes that tell your story and get you noticed.

At Story Resumes, we understand how frustrating the job search process can be when your old-style resume gets you nowhere. That's why we offer Infographic Story Resumes, Illustrated Story Resumes and Animated Video Story Resumes that are custom made for you. No templates.

Launched October 30, 2013.