Actors Resumes Resume Sample Template

The acting resume format is very specific and has to be followed by the letter if you want to get calls for professional acting auditions. Start by looking at the acting resume samples on this page to get the big picture, then read about the details of writing your resume below, along with do's and don'ts and how to make your actor resume stand out.

Boston Casting will hold an open call for actors who resemble the members of the '80s R&B group

For this job position, it's important to include some personal detailed information and working experience in related media, on the other hand you should include all skills that could contribute with your job. See more in this actor resume example.

Actors Resumes Resume Sample Template

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RELAX... Look through this page and brainstorm. Most likely, by the time you're done reading, you will have come up with a few things to put on your actor resume and a few more ways to gain experience.

If there's not enough on your resume to get you called in for an acting audition, here are a few ideas on how to gain acting experience to list on your actor resume:The last thing to add when you create an actor resume is a list of special skills. This includes languages spoken, dialects, sports you excel at and any technical skills that may be required by a role you audition for. Click for more ideas of what can go under that category.Contact film schools in your area and ask if you can drop off a picture and resume. Most film schools keep pictures of actors and actor resumes on file for student directors to look at when casting their short films.Just a variation on the typical actor resume – your name and stats, union status and so on, then a long list of “TV and Film” and list the shows you’ve worked. You can also have a separate column for the director and the studio.