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A college student might feel there is just nothing to put on a resume. After all, the common notion about a CV is that it is the summary of one’s professional achievements. What employer will find a part-time job at the local department store significant enough? But, if only a student has a proper resume where he or she can market the skills learnt over such a job then noting beats it. Besides, your resume is the first and sometimes the only chance you have to make a positive impression on the recruiter, and therefore it is essential to know how to write a resume that effectively displays who you are and what you can do for the employer.

Resume Magic: Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer, Third Edition.

1. X years of progressive ABC industry background.
2. Excellent knowledge in DEF and other related functions
3. Strong RFT qualifications and extensive RFB expertise

The Production Workshop: A Proper Resume

Writing a proper resume can help a job seeker get a good job. There should be some factors, which should be taken care of to ensure this.

However, with a proper resume, crossing industries can be incredibly beneficial, for you and for your potential employer. A resume offers insights into your abilities and skills, which are much more than specificities about your previous line of work.