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"Brian Munger is absolutely phenomenal and I was blown away at the resume he created for me. He took my 3 page resume and coverletter and condensed it to 2 page resume with coverletter that really presented me as a professional that is serious about my career and that would be a strong asset to a company. It has a very attractive layout that is easy to read and really highlights my skills, qualifications and experience right upfront. When companies are looking at your resume, you only have a few seconds to impress them, present what you’ve done and how that can apply to the job you are seeking. The resume and cover letter Brian created for me does exactly that. He wrote my experience and accomplishments in the language that companies are looking for, using industry specific key words to exemplify my career history and really sell my abilities. I was hesitant at first. I thought I had a good resume after spending days working on it and re-working it. But a friend strongly recommended that I get a professional to look at it because this is my career and future that are on-the-line. After receiving Brian’s resume and coverletter for me, in hindsight I wish I would have contacted Brian sooner. It is absolutely what I needed to sell my abilities to companies and get interviews. If you are questioning whether or not to have Brian look at your resume, don’t think about it. Absolutely have him create you a professional resume. This is your career and it is the best thing you could do to get in the door."

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While this might seem like a lot of bases to cover in typical 3 page resume, it’s entirely doable. And the work you invest in getting your resume right will also help you figure out the right jobs to be applying for, and prepare for job interviews too.

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The interview is where you'll have a chance to expand. I agree its tough to get an interview with all the competition for jobs but I think a 3 page resume may be totally overlooked.